Shine Amongst the Stars in Malaysia’s First Hotel Award Event!


The Outstanding Hotel Awards were established to continually recognize, reward and celebrate innovative, creative, technological and service excellence in the local and international hospitality industry.


The Ministry of Tourism, MyBHA, hoteliers, industry experts, celebrities and journalists will be amongst a long list of judges using the AwardSoft system score and keep track of the participants to elect the winner.


Winners will enjoy benefits from bragging rights to using their winner’s emblem on marketing material to having the opportunity to increase sales. The advantages will be available to all winners.


Awards will be given to a myriad of categories from “The Best Urban Stay” to “The Best Haven Resort”. The broad spectrum of possible winners encourages the spirit of competition amongst the best.

About The Awards

Excellence in the hospitality industry should be found in many of its facets, according to the awards. They take into account, on top the quality of the service itself, marketing, interior design, digital presence, customer-centric-programmes, human resources, architecture, and systems and technological innovation, like social media engagements in both commercial and residential sectors and corporate social responsibility.

The significant inconsistency found in hotel ratings, even on an interstate level, is due to the different methods to determine excellence used by the different rating organizations. This problem is solved by the Outstanding Hotel Awards, as it provides with an objective assessment by judging the different establishments by the same standard.

Architecture firms, hotel developers, engineers, hoteliers, and designers are not the only ones interested in the awards; media agencies, advertising and public relation companies can and will participate and compete, covering Malaysia entirely. So, get involved! You can benefit from participating in the best awards of the industry, too.

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