About The Awards


Originally established to recognize and reward overall excellence within the hospitality industry, the Outstanding Hotel Awards – with the support of MyBHA and the Malaysian Tourism Board – has grown to be the definitive awards programme, an epitome of prestige and excellence at a local and international level.

The awards seek to identify the best operating teams in the industry through broad categories not just in service but also architecture, interior design, marketing, digital presence, human resources, customer-centric programmes and technological and systems innovation such as corporate social responsibility and social media engagements in both residential and commercial sectors. Due to independent assessments, hotel ratings tend to be inconsistent even on an interstate level. The Outstanding Hotel Awards however; judges the establishments consistently amongst all categories ensuring each establishment is judged fairly.

Hotel developers and builders, hoteliers, architecture firms, engineers, designers, public relation companies, advertising and media agencies can participate and will compete in regions covering the whole of Malaysia as well as the rest of the world. Hotels that are under development are eligible to participate in any stage of construction granted that the planning has been approved. Even new hospitality establishments or concepts are encouraged to participate as it present chances to build on their young business ambitions and is beneficial to the industry as whole through this diversity and innovation.

Companies may even submit multiple entries where up to 5 stars are awarded in each of the 10 categories first on a national then regional level – where they will be judged by a panel of highly experienced professionals and industry experts – and the regional winners will be competing for bragging rights to be the world’s finest hotels and resorts. Winners will be invited to a gala dinner in their region to network and earn the rights use the prestigious emblem on their marketing material.


award categories

The awards are split into 10 categories

award winners

5 awards will be given out to winners in each category

total winners

Overall awards given out

overall champion

Chosen from the pool of 50 winners to be crowned the overall champion

Awards Objective

The Outstanding Hotel Awards were established to continually recognize, reward and celebrate innovative, creative, technological and service excellence in the local and international hospitality industry.