Awards Judging

With years of industry and administrative experience as well as technical know-how between them, the judging panel will comprise of the movers and shakers of hospitality. They will be utilizing the AwardSoft system, a one-stop platform designed to streamline and simplify the management of the competition. The system handles important tasks such as entry management, judging, scoring, reporting and payments entirely online. This paper-less management software will eliminate the inconsistencies, false recordings and risk of loss or misplacement of data. The system is also reliable where a custom-branded upload portal is designed for the sole purpose of this competition and ensures that entrants are always able to access it without dropped connections and even possible revenue loss due to abandoned submission. AwardSoft is also capable of handling an increased number of entries submitted whilst still maintaining an easy and fun portal layout and social media compatibilities. The ease of submitting the entries, convenience of accessing submissions anytime on various devices and easy-to-read customizable reports will ensure that the judging criteria and results are fair as the judging panel is selected by the Outstanding Hotel Awards’ organizers for their expertise in the myriad of disciplines relating to the criteria of the competition.

The judges will be invited to conduct a video interview to support and promote the event and may release text statements with a similar aim. Although the awards will be judged by the industry’s leading bodies, their opinions of any particular award winner does not imply endorsement of any kind. The awards themselves will not be endorsed by any sponsor and judge and merely a form of recognition for the achievements in a property development, architecture and design and even the marketing of the property.

The sponsors and judges will take no responsibility for the actions and activities conducted by the award winners outside of the award parameters. As with any decision to purchase property, it is imperative that buyers seek independent legal counsel before entering into any form of purchase agreement.

Information recorded by the judges on score sheets is stored for three months after the final gala presentation in each award year; it is destroyed thereafter.


  1. Legal Business Entity Registered with ROC
  2. Business License
  3. Registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism (if applicable)
  4. Registered with any hotel associations (if applicable)