Enter The Awards


Awards Participation And Application

The awards are open not just to the hospitality industry which include hotels, hotel owners, lodging management companies but real estate agencies, realtors, architects, interior designers, public relations and advertising firms are also eligible to participate. Properties looking to participate are eligible at any stage of construction with the relevant planning approvals granted. There are no restrictions to the number of entries per participant and multiple entries can be submitted should a participant choose to compete in different categories.

The first step is to complete the online registration form and to choose the preferred categories to compete in. The OHAward team will respond with the relevant information to confirm the proposed entries and fees will be payable per entry per category selected by participants.

Entry form(s) will be sent to participants whom are to complete them following the instructions and criteria and to revert back to the organizers before the deadline. Separate entry forms must be submitted for each category participants choose to compete in. The online registration forms to the 2014-2015 awards can be downloaded here.

Physical copies of the registration forms are also available at an additional fee. Payment gateways for registration fees are as follow:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card Transaction
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

*All communications will be in digital format and fee(s) to be advised.

Compilation Of Entry Form(s)

Participants successfully enrolled will receive an entry pack relevant to the chosen award categories by a designated awards advisor. The entry pack will contain details on the marking criteria and processes for specific categories along with the specific rules and guidelines to be adhered to.

Included in the entry pack is an entry form where basic information should be provided. It is important to note that the entry criteria are strictly adhered to and in a properly structured format. For example, labelling sections “A1”, B1”, “B2” in tandem with the criteria will ensure that all areas are covered and is easy for the judges to assess. Physical or digital attachments such as marketing material and web content or designs are allowed and encouraged if it is relevant to the category enrolled.