Awarding The Most Outstanding Hotels

Highly Commended – Regional Award

Excellence - National Award

Lifetime Achievement – Awarded to the person who has dedicated his/her whole career to contribute to the hospitality industry

Overall Champion Hotel – Winner of the overall highest scoring hotel

  1. Best Rising Star
    An award for the best new hotel to enter the hoteling industry.
    Meant to motivate hotels that are making their debut in the hoteling industry and to boost their popularity as choice destinations within the industry.

  2. Best Evergreen Classic
    An award to hotel establishment that despite its historical significance continues to look fresh and vibrant.
    Meant to encourage the involvement of existing hotels in the awards and also promote their services within the industry and beyond.

  3. Best “Home Suite Home”
    An award to the hotel establishment that offers the best homestay experiences to their clients.
    Meant to broaden the scope of the awards to encourage the participation of homestay and boutique hotels by recognizing their significance in the industry.

  4. Best Local Character
    An award for the hotel that showcases Malaysian designs and style in the most authentic manner.
    Meant to give recognition to the everyone’s favorite, considering its ability to offer genuine traditional styles, and increase its awareness among foreign tourists.

  5. Best Hot Spot
    An award to the best hotel establishment located in popular tourist spots.
    Meant to help hotel owners to improve the popularity of their hotels by taking advantage of the great popularity of the locations in which they are located.

  6. Best Urban Stay / Stopover / Explorer
    An award for the hotel establishment that offer the best urban ambiance while also optimally located for stopovers and stay-cations.
    Meant to promote the hotels that stand out for offering superior services as stopover destinations in urban centers.

  7. Best Family Choice
    An award to the hotel establishment that offers superior hospitality services to tourists visiting as family groups.
    Meant to recognize and promote hotels that are great destinations for inbound tourists visiting as groups within the hospitality industry.

  8. Best Transformer Hotel
    An award to the best establishment that has reinvented itself by turning into a hotel.
    Meant to recognize and promote the participation of hospitality industry establishments that have officially joined the hotel industry through significant transformations.

  9. Best Haven Resort
    An award to the hotel establishment that offer serene and relaxing feel due to their distance from the stir found in urban environments.
    Meant to increase awareness of hidden havens for tourists looking to enjoy the peace and relaxed settings away from the hubbub city life.

  10. Best Digital Media
    An award to the hotel that towers above the rest in its ability to use the digital and social media to communicate with its guests.
    Meant to recognize and promote hotel establishments that have built a solid reputation as great users of the social media to address their guest’s concerns.