Winners will be notified of the results through the respective awards advisor as soon as the results are announced and will be guided on the subsequent procedures leading up to the region’s awards presentation event and gala dinner which will include valuable networking opportunities.

Participants who’ve failed to win the awards will also by notified by the awards supervisor and may request for details and debriefs on the scoring.

Advantages Of Being A Winner

The iconic black and red label emblem is recognized globally as the mark of excellence even by professionals outside the hospitality industry such as developers, architects, real estate and property consultants, designers and investors to name a few.

Many hotels will get to use their winners’ emblems in all marketing and communication materials during promotions, branding on company vehicles and collateral or sponsorship, large-print posters, websites, email signatures and event projections on the side of buildings.

International media coverage by the various media partners involved will definitely be beneficial in raising the profiles of winners. Skeletal press-releases can also be provided to assist in attracting a wide field of interest from regional, local and independent press.

It is understood that establishments will often have their preferred media and publicity avenues hence, a myriad of general press releases covering keys moments of the awards will also be available through various media outlets for self-compilation, testimonials and references.

Mutual links can also be established between and the winners’ websites where winners can benefit from the prominent showcasing and coverage to an approximate 120,000 unique visitors per month on a portfolio of websites under OH Awards.

Your awards logo can be used (subject to certain guidelines) on all your company’s advertisements, websites and marketing materials. Particularly innovative ideas have included branding on company vehicles, a projection on the side of buildings (especially effective at night) and posters that cover hoardings at new developments.

Awards package Includes:

  • Award Plaques
  • Glass Door Sticker
  • Front Desk Blocks
  • Media Coverage
  • Mass Online Exposure
  • Hotel Industry Standard
  • Award Logos